Parenting can be a wonderful and fulfilling journey. It is one that is often filled with joyous and precious moments, but also one that can come with its share of challenges as well. As parents, we all share a common goal of giving our children the best lives possible. We do our very best to keep them happy and guide them so they can be ready to take on the world. The thing is that many times, parenting can be tough. This is especially true when we’re trying to manage difficult behavior from our kids.  This is where “Positive Parenting” comes in. 

Positive parenting is all about reinforcing in young kids behaviors that are appropriate and acceptable as a way of helping our children grow and develop into well-adjusted individuals. When we use a positive parenting approach, we set expectations and help children feel empowered to be the kinds of people we hope they will become.

Here are some helpful positive parenting tips to help you adopt this parenting strategy.

Nurture your child with physical attention

This one may seem simple and basic, but it’s one of the many things that parents sometimes overlook. With the hundreds of tasks we need to tackle every day as we balance the demands of work and home, it’s easy to understand why we may sometimes forget the importance of giving our children physical attention. 

Even if it’s something as simple as holding your child’s hand, or giving a goodnight hug or kiss, be sure to show your child your love through physical affection. It’s okay if he or she isn’t always affectionate back. It still makes a difference when kids receive love and comforting gestures through these types of actions. 

Set clear expectations for proper behavior

One of the reasons why kids may misbehave is because they aren’t exactly sure what they are supposed to do, or how they’re supposed to respond in certain situations. So before losing your cool and calling out your child for breaking a rule, make sure he or she knows and clearly understands what the rules are ahead of time.

Make your expectations clear, and explain to children how you expect them to behave in various situations. These rules should be simple, clear and easy to follow. For example, if you want kids to develop the habit of washing their hands, just telling them to do so is not enough. Teach them how to wash their hands, when to wash their hands, and the importance of doing it.

Make a habit of spending quality time together daily

Another important positive parenting tip to remember is the value of spending quality time with your little one on a daily basis. 

As parents, we wear several hats and have many roles to play. We have extremely busy schedules, often resulting in barely being able to find time for ourselves. However, no matter how busy or stressed out we feel,  we need to remember that our kids need our consistent presence. Be sure to spend adequate quality time with your child everyday. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing, reading a book, watching TV or sharing your favorite snacks. The most important thing is that they’re given the emotional connection and positive attention they need from you.

Establish routines

Young kids thrive on routine and structure. Routines help to make managing children’s behavior easier because children tend to feel safe and secure when they can predict how their day will play out. Conversely, children tend to feel uncomfortable and anxious when the events of their day are unpredictable. 

Establish clearly defined routines at home for your little one. This can be extremely helpful, especially during those challenging times of day like school mornings or before bedtime. Get your little one involved too as you create these routines. For example, you can ask kids if they want to brush their teeth before or after changing into their pajamas. This way, they feel that they play a part in the decision-making, which will further encourage their cooperation. 

Being a parent is full of wonderful moments and adventures, mixed with struggles and frustrations. It’s a combination of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and challenges. The good news is that there are ways to overcome the challenges that can accompany managing your child’s behaviors. Follow these positive parenting tips and watch your parenting journey become lighter and easier. 

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