Pre-Kindergarten 4 — 5 years old:

Our Pre-K program prepares students to be ready for Kindergarten. Children who attend a pre-kindergarten program are better prepared for the challenges they face in their first year of school. At our school, we use the Pinnacle® curriculum and the Abeka™️ Christian Curriculum to introduce students to language, phonics and math concepts.

As a Christian focused pre-kindergarten program, we teach bible stories, encourage verse memorization and pray with the children on a daily basis. For families who want to strengthen their child’s Christian education, we provide daily prayer and chapel each week to get children acclimated to the church environment.

Beyond language and math, we also provide education in science, foreign language, art and music. Children are able to explore both in the classroom and outdoors, and are able to build on the skills that they learn in the classroom.

When your child attends a pre-kindergarten program, you will see that their problem solving skills and decision making ability improve throughout the year. Our goal is to help child gain the skills they need in order to begin Kindergarten on the right foot.

With a focus on faith, we help children learn about the world around them. The program uses a wide variety of materials to teach children early reading skills, and to get children interested in the learning process. When children are in a structured pre-k program, they learn how the school day works and are better able to adjust to school when it’s time to go to Kindergarten.

If your children need daycare, going to a faith focused pre-k program can be a great decision. Your child will begin to learn the foundations of faith and participate in daily prayers. They will learn how to share with peers, and build strong relationships with their friends. With good problem solving skills, your child will be better able to navigate the complexities of Kindergarten adn feel more confident in their own abilities.

Consider a faith focused pre-k program for your child to enhance their social skills and improve their awareness of faith.