Choosing whether to send your child to daycare or not is a big decision most parents find difficult to make. It’s understandable. The thought of being away from your little one for a few hours and leaving them under the care of someone else is indeed heartbreaking.

But, if we’re talking about providing them high-quality early childhood education, then sending them to daycare is worth considering. Daycare offers a plethora of benefits to young children. It lays the groundwork for a child’s future success in academics, as well as in life in general.

Top 6 benefits of daycare that you need to know about

If you haven’t made up your mind, take a look at the list below and learn more about the benefits of daycare for children.

Daycare shapes children’s behavior

A study conducted by researchers from the Sorbonne University in Paris has shown that children who attended daycare exhibited better social skills than those who didn’t. These kids were also found to have encountered fewer difficulties when it came to getting along with peers. This is because daycare provides children with plenty of opportunities to develop socially and emotionally. In a daycare, kids have the chance to build friendships, play and get along with others.

Prepares children for preschool

Whether we like it or not, our kids will eventually have to attend school. And there’s no better way to prepare them for this transition than by sending them to a good quality daycare. Early childhood education is an excellent way to make the transition to kindergarten easier. By the time your kids are ready for kindergarten, there won’t be tantrums and no more separation anxiety. It’s because the daily routine of leaving home is no longer new to them. Also, children who attend daycare were found to perform better in kindergarten and elementary school.

Boosts children’s cognitive development

Kids who are sent to a high quality daycare have better cognitive development and language skills. The period between ages 3 to 5 is very crucial in a child’s growth and development. Enrolling a child in daycare is like helping them make the most of this period where rapid brain development takes place. It is true that kids can learn so many things at home. But they can learn so much more in a daycare.

Makes kids better communicators

Daycare provides children with plenty of opportunities to socialize and get along with other kids. This is one of the things that improves their skills when it comes to communication. Children, like adults, need to spend time with people outside their family. They need to be exposed to various social situations. It is by socializing that children learn how to express themselves better and communicate their thoughts. Daycare also helps improve a child’s ability to adjust their nonverbal communication, especially when playing with other kids.

Fosters a child’s social and emotional growth

Young kids usually don’t get to play with other children unless play dates are organized by their parents. But, when you send your little one to daycare, they can spend time with their peers in a structured, yet warm and safe environment. They can play and learn together as they develop their love of learning.

Teaches them the concept of time through routines

Young kids do not understand the ticking of a clock. They do not understand time but they can understand its concept through set schedules and routines. In a daycare setting, kids are given specific schedules to follow. There are structured times for learning, playing, napping, singing, etc. These schedules are established to introduce the concept of time to children. Being comfortable with routines also makes the transition to formal schooling easier.

Sending a child to daycare benefits them in more ways than one. It can help boost their cognitive, social and emotional growth and development. It sets them on the path for future learning success. The key is choosing a high quality daycare that can provide all these benefits to your little one. And if you’re still in search of the best daycare in Memphis, please choose Cornerstone Learning Center.