Attending kindergarten is an important step for every child. It helps them get ready for formal schooling and future academic endeavors. Kindergarten does not only focus on a child’s cognitive development.

It also provides plenty of opportunities to develop socially, emotionally and physically through fun games and activities. By sending your little one to kindergarten, their language, fine motor and other essential skills are fostered. They become an effective learner and grow in several key areas.

Ready for your little one’s big transition?

Here’s how to prepare your child for kindergarten:

Engage your child in a conversation

Getting your little one engaged in a conversation by talking to them often is good practice of their communication skills. Whether you are doing grocery shopping or preparing a meal in the kitchen, try to inject a little chat with them and listen closely to how they respond. Be a sensitive listener to them by paying attention to both verbal and non verbal responses.

Practice an early bedtime routine

Establishing a bedtime routine is extremely important, especially for children who have not gone to school before. If they have been staying up late throughout summer, be sure to make them go to bed early weeks before school officially starts. Establish bedtime routines like turning off all screens an hour before they sleep.

Read them bedtime stories or get their milk ready. Also, make sure they wake up on time in the morning so you can teach them the usual school morning routine – eating breakfast, getting dressed, etc. Practicing these things will make it easier for your little one to adjust to their school schedule.

Encourage your child to play

How to Prepare Your Child for kindergarten

Play is an essential part of every child’s growth and development. It provides them with many developmental benefits. It helps improve their fine motor and social skills. Allow your child adequate time to play both indoors and outdoors. Instead of allowing them to be glued to the couch watching TV or videos on YouTube, it is best to encourage social play. Invite some of their friends over so they can learn how to get along and build friendships.

You can also encourage outdoor play by planning outdoor family activities such as going to the beach and park.

Go school shopping

Shopping for new things for school is one of the things that can make your little one look forward to attending kindergarten. So, take them shopping and let them pick when it comes to their backpack, pencils, notebooks and other supplies. Make the activity more fun by making sure they are involved.

Encourage independence

In a kindergarten setting, children are normally asked to complete a certain number of tasks on their own. This is why, even at home, it’s important for parents to provide their kids with opportunities to practice independence and self-sufficiency. Wondering how to do it? Allow your little one to do certain stuff by themselves, such as putting on their socks, unzipping their coat and tying their shoes. It will also help to assign them simple household chores, like putting away their toys, helping out in the kitchen, and so on. Teaching your child independence helps build the confidence they need for kindergarten.

Make learning fun and exciting

Do not worry if your child doesn’t know how to read when they begin kindergarten. It is something they will learn in the process. However, if you wish to introduce them to the fundamentals of the alphabet, be sure to do so in a fun and play-based manner. Reading isn’t something that young kids should be pushed to do. Learning basic literacy skills should be fun and relaxed for children.

Read books together

Help your child embrace the idea of kindergarten by taking time to read books specific to starting school. You can take a trip to the nearest library or buy these books in a bookstore. Make it a nightly habit before bedtime so they know what to expect and look forward to.

Going to kindergarten is a huge milestone for every child. Help them get prepared for this big change by following these helpful tips.

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