Infants 6 weeks — 12 months:

When you are looking for infant care, it’s important to find a program that is best for your child. We work closely with you as the parent to personalize a program that works for your family. Our staff is experienced and ready to provide the nurturing care your child needs in order to grow and thrive.

At our infant day care, the schedule and rhythm of the day depends on what is working for your child. From nap time to feeding, your child will be monitored closely to determine what they need next in their day. We want your child to be content and happy while in our infant care center, and we work hard to make this happen.

We use the Pinnacle® curriculum for infants to help you child meet developmental milestones. We look at your child’s growth and skill development, and work to keep your child on track.

Infant day care is a specialty that requires attentive, experienced staff. When you are looking for an infant day care that provides high quality care for your child, has compassion and is Christian focused, our infant care is a great match for you. We want your child to be safe, nurtured, and to grow strong in our environment. We have the experienced staff to take care of your infant.

Infant day care involves plenty of cuddle time, play time, general care, diapering, feeding and more. Our skilled staff members are ready to care for your infant with the love and attention that children should have throughout the day. When infant care is needed, our team will take care of your little one. With close attention paid to your child throughout the day, their every need will be met. We believe that children prosper in our infant day care, as we provide the love, support and care that they need every step of the way.