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Inspiring a love of learning

Fostering a child’s innate curiosity will set them up for success in academia and life—that’s why promoting a lifelong love for learning is something we strive towards every day at Cornerstone Learning Center. Our Pre-K classes focus on collaboration and cooperation among children and encouragement to express themselves through various mediums, including art, music, movement, and language. As a result, children build academic, social, and emotional skills and become part of a classroom community.

Program Highlights

We use a child-focused, research-backed curriculum that supports early learners. Our learning environment encourages children to explore learning materials. As a result, children build academic, social, and emotional skills, becoming part of a classroom community. Pre-K students have access to ample learning materials, giving them variety and agency over how they spend some of their time. Additionally, our predictable and active schedule teaches Pre-K students to anticipate what is next in their day and show initiative. We invite you to visit one of our Pre-K locations to witness firsthand the engaging and enriching educational experience we provide for young learners.

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