Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Make the most of your young child’s’ free time by enrolling them in an enrichment class. Our courses are taught in a fun, faith-based classroom and are geared toward developing meaningful skills while encouraging kid’s love of learning, helping to ensure future success. We offer a variety of enrichment classes suitable for children as young two-years-old, through school-age. Currently, our courses include:

S.T.E.M.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Ministry) Classes: A solid foundation in subjects such as science and math is essential for doing well in school. We offer a one-of-a-kind course which teaches these subjects in an interactive and age-appropriate way. Each weekly curriculum is designed to capture the imagination of young minds while being educational. All topics are presented from a Christian-positive point-of-view,

Sign Language Classes: Give your child the advantage of knowing how to communicate with over a million deaf individuals in the US by learning American Sign Language through the Signing Time program. Our sign language course teaches kids through activities and games, so they are having fun while learning. Sign language is not only an important skill to have, combining language and movement promotes multi-sensory learning skills.

Spanish Classes: Growing up in the rapidly changing demographics of the US means that if you can’t speak Spanish, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Give your child the chance to create cross-cultural friendships and professional opportunities by helping them learn the Spanish language. We use the Spanish Champs© curriculum which is ideal for pre-school and kindergarten students.

KINDERMUSIK® Classes: You already know that your child loves music, but did you know that playing music can improve kids motor and speaking skills? Our KINDERMUSIK® classes are the perfect introduction to the world of music for pre-school through school-age children through singing, listening, moving, and playing simple instruments.

All of our co-ed enrichment courses are taught by highly qualified and faith-focused instructors who are devoted to your child’s education as well as her spiritual growth. Don’t miss out on new classes forming soon. Call to find out more.