Before and After Care

Before and After Care 5 — 12 years old:

If you are looking for a before and after school program for children ages 5-12, we offer Christian focused care to enhance your child’s relationship with faith. Whether you need transportation to public school in the morning, or you are looking for after school care, our program is ready to provide your child with the care they need. We are a before and after school program committed to the welfare of children in our area.

Help With Homework

When children are at our program, we offer homework help to make it easier for them to succeed in school. Before and after school care includes helping your child get homework completed and ready to turn in to their teacher. While you may spend time helping your child at home, we are here to facilitate getting homework completed.

Healthy Snacks

We provide your child with healthy snacks when they are at our program. We understand the importance of good nutrition and we work hard to give every child healthy choices when it comes to snack foods.

Time for Bible Devotion

As a Christian focused before and after school program, we spend time on bible stories to help kids become more familiar with their faith. We believe that building a strong faith begins early on, and we focus on bible stories that get children interested in learning more.

Outdoor Play

Spending time outdoors is vital to the health and well-being of each child. Our program offers time for kids to play outside while supervised so that they get the fresh air they need each day.

Our goal is to give every child the support they need to succeed in school. Our before and after school care is focused on the needs of all children and promotes daily hands-on activities for them to enjoy. When you are looking for care before or after school, or both, we have the resources you are looking for.