1 — 2 years old:

When your child is between 1 and two years old, it’s time to find toddler care that is right for their specific age group. We want your child to grow, be curious, and become more independent as they explore their environment. Our toddler program is designed using the Pinnacle® curriculum to meet the educational and emotional needs, interests, and activity levels of each child. Our toddler program is all about independence, growing, and learning!

We provide learning centers in the toddler care program that allow your child to explore and learn new skills. An emphasis is placed on cognitive, language, social and motor skills in our toddler care program, with an introduction to Christian values. We teach the word of God in our programs, giving your child a foundation in Christian beliefs and values.

Memphis DaycareOur program focuses on the specific needs of your child. We understand that each child we care for is different and meets milestones at their own pace. We work with children on potty training and good hygiene practices and we have been successful at teaching many children to be independent in the bathroom.

With a focus on God, we believe that your child will learn to have faith and become more connected to those around them. Our toddler care is non-denominational, but does focus on the word of God to promote a better understanding of the world within our classroom. Our staff are committed to caring for your child and providing the support they need to be successful in the toddler care program.

Your child will learn important social skills, and they will benefit from the routine that the program provides. When you are looking for a toddler care program for your children between 1 and 2 years old, it’s time to learn more about our program.