Preschool 3 — 4 years old:

When you have a child who is 3-4 years old and they aren’t ready for public school, it’s time to find a great preschool program for your child. Our Christian focused preschool gives your child early experience with letters, numbers, and writing while working to improve their skills every step of the way. Your child is encouraged to explore the classroom environment during free play and will be guided throughout the day with a focus on Christianity.

Bible stories are taught daily, and the class holds a discussion on what the story means. The goal of discussions is to further your child’s understanding of Jesus Christ and the love he has for each one of us. Your child can deepen their faith in God while attending our preschool program, building a strong foundation on which to build a Christian life.

While your child will be introduced to early reading strategies, they will also participate in science, art, music and foreign language activities. You can expect that your child’s fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills will improve while attending our preschool program. We work hard to keep your child busy throughout the day, and a routine is in place that allows your child to have a structured day.

A good preschool program can have a positive impact on your child and their development. When you are worried that your child is shy and not social enough, a preschool can help them learn how to socialize. Your child will be around peers throughout the day and will learn basic cooperation and negotiating skills that will carry them through as they get older.

When your child attends a Christian focused preschool program, they will be given the care they need to live a life walking with Jesus Christ. They will be taught using the Pinnacle® Curriculum and the Abeka™️ Christian Curriculum, and they will learn what it necessary to move forward. Your child will deepen their understanding of the word of God and will enjoy their preschool experience.