How to Make Learning Fun for Kids

Explaining concepts and presenting lessons might not be the easiest part of teaching, but keeping kids engaged in a lesson? Now that’s even more challenging.. Teachers may already have the resources and the best curriculum to get kids to learn in the most effective way possible, but keeping kids engaged in a lesson can be

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4 Benefits of Positive Reinforcement in Children

Kids are constantly seeking attention, especially from their parents. It’s important to teach them that some ways of gaining that attention from adults are better than others.  Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool that can help children form good behavior habits, while minimizing negative outbursts that garner negative attention. Using positive reinforcement can help children

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6 Ways to Help your Child Overcome Shyness

Are you worried that your child isn’t making  many friends? Could it be that he is shy or introverted? You may think these two terms are interchangeable , but don’t confuse shyness with introversion. Introversion is a personality trait, whereas shyness is rooted in anxiety during social encounters with unfamiliar people.  Introverted kids can be

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How to Spend More Quality Time with your Child

With the growing number of distractions surrounding us and the ever-busy world that we live in, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make time for the things that truly matter - one of them being quality time with our kids. Being a parent is definitely not a walk in the park. There are so many roles

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6 Simple Ways to Teach Children Good Manners

The stage more often referred to as the “formative years” is one of the most critical stages in a child’s life. Children absorb so much from their environment during the ages of three to five, and it’s in these years where a child’s character and individual traits are formed and developed. As parents, we should

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Top 8 Tips for Building Confidence in Kids

Building confidence starts from a young age. Our personalities are shaped by the combination of our innate nature and the social environment that we live in. Our confidence and self-esteem are shaped by these as well. We as parents play a huge role in building confidence in our kids. It is important that we realize

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8 Tips For Raising A Well-Rounded Child

To raise a well-rounded child may appear to be challenging.. And, believe it or not, raising a child in faith-challenging times can be even more complex. It seems like more and more of our values are being tested with each passing day. We all want to instill in  our children both kindness and compassion. We

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7 Easy Tips to Create a Successful Bedtime Routine for your Child

Sleep is an indispensable part of a healthy routine and lifestyle, no matter what age you are. Getting enough sleep helps improve one’s mood, attention span and overall mental and physical health. This is why for young kids, adequate sleep is highly recommended. However, in today’s digital age where distractions surround our children, tucking them

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5 Ways to Help Your Introverted Child at School

As a parent, one of our ultimate goals is to raise a happy and well-rounded child. We do everything we can to shape our little ones to become responsible and successful adults. But what if your little one is an introvert? How do you go about helping an introverted child at school? Part of being

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Parenting Tips: How to Teach Kindness to your Child

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where exhibiting kindness and compassion seems harder than it used to. Apathy and unkindness aren’t new, but with the convenience offered by technology, passing judgment on others becomes easier. Is this the kind of environment we want to raise our child in? It’s not

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