Top 6 Important Tips to Teach Life Skills for Kids

Of the many things parents should teach their kids, some of the most important are life skills. Life skills are valuable lessons that children need to learn at a young age. These are the skills that they will use growing up and the same skills that can help them achieve success later in life. As

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3 Kids Project to Celebrate National Crafts Month

Now is the best time to encourage your child to channel their inner artist! Get the art materials and supplies ready because this March, we are celebrating National Crafts Month! National Crafts Month was created by the Craft and Hobby Association in 1994.

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Cool Places to Visit in East Memphis with your Kids

East Memphis is one of the most family-friendly places around Tennessee. It is home to a plethora of amazing sights, beautiful parks, and an extensive range of dining and shopping establishments. If you happen to visit or live in East Memphis, you would agree that this place is never boring.  In fact, you will never

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Preschool vs Pre-kindergarten: Similarities and Differences

Quality early childhood education plays a critical role in a child’s growth and development. It influences the kind of person the child will become. Both build the foundations for competence and the skills necessary for success in the future.

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Top 6 Benefits of Daycare for Your Child

Choosing whether to send your child to daycare or not is a big decision most parents find difficult to make. It’s understandable. The thought of being away from your little one for a few hours and leaving them under the care of someone else is indeed heartbreaking.

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Top 3 Recipes to Make for National Chocolate Cake Day

Throughout the year, people celebrate a number of different holidays. Be Black Friday or Thanksgiving, people have assigned almost every single day to any holiday that they could think of. But what’s so special about chocolate to have a day for it?

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How to Choose a Preschool for your Child

Parents often wonder about the benefits of early childhood education. The truth is there are actually quite a handful of advantages that kids can gain from their preschool experience. Preschool offers opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth.

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