How to be Productive When Working from Home with a Toddler

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Regardless of what you do to earn money from home, opting to ditch the daily commute to the office and go with the work-from-home set up offers an extensive range of benefits, especially to parents. One obvious benefit is that it gives you the chance to spend more time with your kids and family. It

Fun Learning Activities for Kids During School Closures

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Kids are like sponges and these are arguably the most important and foundational years of their lives. This is not only true when it comes to what their hearts and mind are soaking in, but the materials they are exposed to during these uncertain times. With schools being closed, kids are stuck at home for

4 Helpful Tips for Preventing Infectious Diseases

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Diseases have been around for as long as creatures have roamed the earth. Our immune systems are quite good at responding to infections but I’m sure most people would prefer not having the infection in the first place. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the ways for preventing infectious diseases. How Infections

How to Host Remote Playdates for your Kids

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Developing social skills is even more important for kids than it is for adults. It’s a crucial part of their overall development. It is through socialization that they learn values such as sharing and cooperation. It also trains them how to regulate their emotions around other people.  Therefore, young kids need to be exposed to

6 Healthy Habits to Protect the Family from Getting Sick

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It’s no secret how the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a global panic for people of all ages. And if you have kids in the family, it’s only natural for you to worry. As parents, you probably find yourself almost glued to the TV to get real-time news updates. You could be panicking and rummaging through

Rewards for Kids: 4 Steps to Effectively Motivate Children

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When it comes to activities that children love and those that they find little to no interest in, figuring out what motivates your child takes time and patience. It involves getting to know your child, learning what his or her interests are, and what they would be willing to do to achieve something they want. 

6 Tips to Make Doing Homework Pleasant for your Child

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After spending an entire day at school, holding nothing else but paper, books and pencils, there’s one thing kids look forward to - home! As soon as the bell rings, children rush to leave the four walls of their classroom to finally end a day of academics and have some fun playtime at home only

Promoting Social and Emotional Development in Children: Four Tips for Every Parent

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Social and emotional learning involves recognizing one's emotions and gaining control over them. This essentially refers to  emotional intelligence which enables a person to navigate social situations with ease, and use empathy to reduce conflict in order to maintain healthy relationships with others. Although schools teach the basics of recognizing emotions of others through facial

5 Huge Parenting Mistakes to Avoid with Your Kids

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We all know that kids don’t come with owner’s manuals. Luckily, kids are also very resilient. As long as you love them and manage to keep them healthy, chances are they’ll grow up just fine. Still, we all want to be the best parents possible. So with that in mind, here are a few of

How to Make Learning Fun for Kids

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Explaining concepts and presenting lessons might not be the easiest part of teaching, but keeping kids engaged in a lesson? Now that’s even more challenging.. Teachers may already have the resources and the best curriculum to get kids to learn in the most effective way possible, but keeping kids engaged in a lesson can be