How to Support your Child

2021-11-18T12:04:26-06:00November 18th, 2021|Parenting Tips|

Nowadays, most people spend a significant amount each day utilizing technology. For kids, this can mean anything from playing video games to watching TV or texting. While technology has numerous benefits, it also brings with it some potential pitfalls of which parents should be aware. For parents who feel like their children are more connected

Tips for Parenting Strong-Willed Children

2021-11-04T12:01:21-06:00October 26th, 2021|Parenting Tips, Uncategorized|

Do you find yourself wondering why your child refuses to be persuaded by rewards and opts to follow their own rules? You could be raising a strong-willed child. Parenting strong-willed children can be a challenge. These types of children tend to want what they want, try to make their own rules, and can not be

How to Deal with a Clingy Toddler

2021-09-16T09:30:48-06:00September 11th, 2021|Parenting Tips|

Many children can become anxious or clingy when they are separated from people they know and trust. Separation anxiety is usually the most intense when children are between 9-18 months old. Then it tends to improve as they reach age three. These stages harmonize through the phases of child development. In this post, we'll provide

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