Math is a difficult and complex subject area for many children. When they become frustrated, they may be more likely to give up or lose focus. Many kids struggle with math concepts and numbers during their early years, and building math skills doesn’t happen overnight.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for parents to help build their children’s confidence and knowledge when it comes to math. By providing your little one with adequate opportunities to practice these skills at home, your child can become less anxious and even excel in math!

Start with the basics

If you’re just starting to work on building your child’s math skills, begin with the basics. These include counting, simple addition, and age-appropriate subtraction problems. Use a variety of tools and approaches. For example, you can use building blocks to practice simple addition problems. This is especially helpful for young kids.

Don’t stop there! Once your child has mastered basic counting, addition, and subtraction skills, you can provide additional challenges that are age-appropriate as your little one progresses to more advanced concepts. For instance, you may discuss how different units of measurement work. This provides a great opportunity to learn about fractions by having children divide an object into parts with their eyes closed.

Use a variety of methods that build math skills

To help your child develop a strong foundation in mathematics, they will need exposure to vast opportunities to learn and practice. Get creative! Incorporating games can help build addition and subtraction skills. Play these games on the floor or at the dinner table. 

For example, you can build towers out of blocks and ask your child to count the number of blocks in each tower. Then, have your child add the total number of blocks after all towers are put together. You may even consider using a reward system to provide additional motivation.

Don’t worry about mistakes

Making mistakes is a normal part of learning something new. Let your child make mistakes along the way. As long as you offer support and guidance, give your child freedom to practice independently and then reteach the concept if needed. Mistakes are okay!

Give it time

Building math skills takes time and patience for both you and your child. Be patient with yourself and with your child’s progress, too! The more frequently they work on building a mathematical foundation, progress will happen more quickly than it would with just occasional practice.

Show your child how math is used in daily life

Take opportunities to demonstrate that we use math every day! Show children how numbers are an essential part of our daily living. When shopping for groceries, ask your child to help you count the items in the cart or calculate the total cost.

You can also invite your child to assist you with various tasks at home, like cooking or chores. Let children build their math skills by setting the table with the correct number of spoons and forks before meals. You can also enlist their help with measuring ingredients when you bake or cook.

These little things may seem simple, but they add up over time, and they can go a long way when it comes to teaching children vital concepts about numbers.

Incorporate math into bedtime reading

Another great way to build a child’s math skills is by incorporating math into the nighttime routine. For example, read books about numbers and different ways of counting. There are so many wonderful books that teach children about numbers.

You can also enrich children’s mathematical vocabulary by reading wordless picture books in which they have to interpret the illustrations. For example, is there more of one object than another? Is one item larger or smaller than another? These types of questions will help build comprehension as well as a basic understanding of number concepts.

You can help your child build confidence in math by providing opportunities for success at home and beyond! Regardless of children’s ages or difficulty level, follow these tips to enhance their mathematical skills and foundation and give them a head start in school and beyond.

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