If you ask young kids why they hate school, they often provide an endless list of reasons. They tell you that school is a prison, that they hate homework, they don’t like getting up early in the morning, and so on and so forth. If you’ve been hearing these things from your little one, you are not alone. So, how can you turn the dreaded school week into something exciting for them? Keep reading and learn some tips on how to get your child interested in school.

Encourage your child to make friends

Adjusting to school is a lot easier for kids when they enjoy being with friends. So help them make friends and teach them how to get along with others. Set up playdates and allow them to invite friends over. It is even better if they can make friends with kids in the neighborhood who also attend the same school. Also, consider sending them to summer workshops and programs to make socializing easier for them.

Let them get involved in school activities

School isn’t all about academic learning and studying inside the classroom. It’s also about getting involved in fun activities that promote a child’s holistic growth and development. Find out the things that interest your child. Do they love music? Are they interested in sports? Are they fond of making arts and crafts? Or are they into math and science? By increasing their involvement in school, kids get more exciting things to look forward to.

Establish a homework routine

Homework will always be part of the school experience. Help your child create a positive attitude towards homework by making it fun and exciting for them. How? Let your child find a cozy spot around the house which you can transform into a study area. Be sure this place is clutter-free with a clean surface to write and away from distractions. You may decorate it according to your child’s liking. More importantly, establish a daily routine for their homework and have them finish it before playtime.

Ask questions about school

Not all kids love to talk about what happened at school. So, try to get them to share their positive experiences by asking them questions. Also, instead of asking the same old question “How was school?”, ask them more specific questions such as “What did you enjoy the most at school today?” or “Who did you play with during playtime?” Otherwise, you might just get the answer “School was okay.”

Support their interest

If you’ve noticed that your child has shown an interest in a particular lesson or subject area, reinforce it. Support their interest and find ways to extend that learning. If they’re into science, engage them in kid-friendly science experiments at home. Or, if they’re into arts and crafts, let them channel their inner artist by giving them art projects to work on, or take them on a trip to the museum. 

Model a positive attitude towards learning

Exhibiting a positive attitude towards learning can encourage your child to do the same. Instead of expressing your dislike in certain subjects when you were still in school, tell them what you love most about school. When they come home with math homework, tell them how much you used to enjoy it. Also, you can model your love for learning by showing them that you enjoy reading. Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading to your child or sitting with them while you read and they do their homework. 

It’s normal for kids to feel worried about going to school, especially when they haven’t met a lot of friends yet or if they hate the routine it entails. However, with the help of these tips, and by sending your child to a school that provides fun learning experiences, they will definitely get excited and look forward to coming to school every day.

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