After spending an entire day at school, holding nothing else but paper, books and pencils, there’s one thing kids look forward to – home! As soon as the bell rings, children rush to leave the four walls of their classroom to finally end a day of academics and have some fun playtime at home only to be asked to tackle homework.

Homework generally isn’t something that gets kids excited, especially after several hours of structured classroom instruction. Besides the fact that they feel the need to have a break from school, doing homework doesn’t really spell F-U-N.

But don’t worry. You can make this task more pleasant and exciting for your little one. Whether it’s tackling math equations or doing some reading exercises, you’ll find the following tips useful to transform dragging homework time to a fun and enjoyable time!

Get creative

Nothing’s more boring than having to deal with a bunch of numbers on a worksheet. Why not think outside the box and inject a little creativity into the study session? For example, instead of writing down numerals with a pencil and paper, consider using other fun materials such as watercolor, crayons , paint or you can even let them do it on a sandbox! Imagination is your only limit. You can make use of any kid-friendly tools, toys or other materials to make the experience more like play.

Don’t make them do homework hungry

It’s impossible for a child with an empty stomach to focus on their homework. So make sure to let them have a snack before their study session.

Instead of letting them munch on unhealthy snacks or junk foods, it’s a lot better to let them snack smart. This means that you have to make smart choices when it comes to the food you feed them. Stick with something easy to prepare and at the same time, something that will keep their brains active. Fresh fruits or vegetables or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could all make good choices.

Make an awesome workspace

Another excellent way to make doing homework a pleasant experience for your child is by designing a nice workspace for them that’s conducive for learning.

Children are known to have short attention spans. And in this age of modern technology, it’s even harder to get them to focus on the task at hand when they’re surrounded with distractions such as smartphones and electronic gadgets.

Help them increase their productivity while enjoying what they do by giving them a nice space where they can do their homework. Decorate the space with fun learning materials, a desk, cozy chair and the tools they need. More importantly, make sure that their workspace is quiet and is far from the noise of television and other background noise.

Work with them

When you think your child can independently tackle their homework without assistance from you, take the opportunity to work on your own work-related stuff beside them. If you need to respond to emails or simply have the time to catch up on reading, do it beside your child. Not only will this help you become productive, this is also an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your little one.

Turn homework into a playdate

Children love playdates and one way to make homework exciting for your little one is by transforming homework time into some sort of playtime. Let your child invite a friend over so they can do their homework together.

Before letting them start, be sure to set a few specific rules. Set expectations that they will have to be working on their schoolwork. And then, give them a sort of reward once they finish their homework like a free pass to play their favorite game or a delicious and fun snack.

Don’t put too much pressure on your child

While it’s important to establish regular study habits in your child during an early stage in their life, it’s equally important for parents to remember that a student’s success is not just defined by grades.

Putting too much pressure on your little one may do more harm than good. It may even make them abhor doing school-related activities instead of developing a love for learning.

Who says homework has to be sad and boring? With the help of these tips, you can make doing homework a fun and pleasant experience for your child!

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