Kids are constantly seeking attention, especially from their parents. It’s important to teach them that some ways of gaining that attention from adults are better than others.  Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool that can help children form good behavior habits, while minimizing negative outbursts that garner negative attention. Using positive reinforcement can help children from an early age and beyond, as they mature through adolescence and  into adulthood. As parents, we strive to give our children the tools they need for success. Here are some of the benefits of using positive reinforcement with children.

Positive Reinforcement Boosts Self-Confidence

Kids can be unsure of how to behave, especially if their actions have gotten them into trouble before. When children do something well, such as going to the potty on their own, and you cheer them on, that makes them feel excited. They did something that you are proud of and children want that approval. When you give a child praise for doing something right or correct, he or she gains confidence that the future will bring continued success. Praised children may second-guess themselves less and rely more on their own capabilities.

Positive Reinforcement Helps Minimize Negative Behaviors

Your child will still get into trouble and make mistakes from time to time. However, sometimes kids lash out because they don’t know any other way to gain  attention. Children come to realize that when they do something right, they get praise, whereas if they’re doing something negative, they might land in a timeout. For instance, if your child takes out the trash, without throwing a tantrum or talking back, you can offer words of encouragement. “I’m so proud of you for doing what I asked you to!” This teaches children which types of behaviors lead to positive reinforcement and they begin to learn good habits.

Positive Reinforcement Helps Motivate Your Child to Do Better in the Future

When a child, or anyone, is feeling down,  sometimes all it takes is kind words of affirmation from others to help us feel motivated.  Since children are constantly growing and learning, positive reinforcement can motivate them to do better and keep striving to achieve their goals.  As parents, our role is to guide our children. With positive reinforcement, you can guide them down a path filled with support and motivation. This way, children learn to see things in a more positive light, rather than dwelling on the negative.

Positive Reinforcement Reaffirms That You Care

Of course  you care about your child. We must remember that kids want approval from their parents. They want to know that their parents are paying attention, and that they are interested in what their children are doing. It can be easy for us to get caught up in our day-to-day lives. When we take a moment to tell our kids we’re proud of their behavior  or give them a hug, they will feel the pride we have for them.

How to Offer Positive Reinforcement

Now that you know the benefits of using positive reinforcement, it’s time to start implementing it with your child. You have all the tools necessary to help your child grow in a positive and nurturing atmosphere. With this technique you’ll find that it helps both you and your child feel better about yourselves. There are plenty of ways you can offer positive reinforcement to a child. These are including, but not limited to:

  • Offering kind words of encouragement
  • Rewarding them with a small treat
  • Getting excited and cheering when they accomplish something
  • Proudly displaying any work of art or homework that’s well-done on the fridge or a corkboard
  • Creating a star chart that shows how well your child is doing  and acknowledging these accomplishments
  • And, of course, hugging your child and telling him or her how proud you are

At Cornerstone Learning Center we strive to provide positive reinforcement to all of our students. We want them to know that when they succeed, we’re proud. Cornerstone Learning Center provides a positive learning environment where your child is able to thrive. We combine positive reinforcement with top quality education, ensuring a strong balance for every child at our school. For more information on Cornerstone Learning Center and what we can offer your family, please feel free to visit us or check our website.