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Rates and Fees

Preschool – Infants $195.00 per week
Activity Fee (annual) $55.00

Ones – $175.00 per week
Activity Fee (annual) $55.00

Twos – $165.00 per week
Activity Fee (annual for Younger/Middle Twos) $55.00
Book Fee (annual for Older Twos) $75.00

Threes – $160.00 per week
Book Fee $95.00

Junior K – $155.00 per week
Book Fee $150.00

Part Time(2 days per week) $95.00 per week

(3 days per week) $135.00 per week
Book Fee/Activity Fee for your child’s age group applies

Kindergarten $375.00 per month
Kindergarten with Aftercare $475.00 per month
Book Fee (annual) $175.00

Before Care OR After Care $65.00 per week
Before Care AND After Care $80.00 per week
Drop-in Rate (School-Age Only) $40.00 per day

Maximum weekly, family rate $350.00 per week

Sibling Discounts: If 2 children enrolled, 10% off oldest child’s tuition; if 3 children enrolled, 15% off oldest child’s tuition

Book Fees: Cornerstone Learning Center uses the Abeka Curriculum in our two-year-old elementary age classrooms. The book fee will cover the cost of all books needed for the entire school year. Activity Fees offset any amenities offered throughout the school year.

Registration Fees: There is a non-refundable $50.00 registration/application fee.

Tuition rates effective August 1, 2014
There is a 3 % charge added to all credit card payments. Late payments will incur additional charges.